Levi Aoki

For Aphroditeisimmoral Bachelorette and everyone else!

CC: Eyebrows// Eye defaults// Non-default skin// Hair// Freckles// Trousers// Eyebags (Asian)// Eyelids// Top// Blush.

Laid back Levi everyone calls him because he is the complete opposite and the moment he sees a girl he likes he becomes clumsy, nervous and absent minded. He wants to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a magnificent scientist he never socialized much his mother who died when he was young always said when you meet the girl of your dreams say “If you live to a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never live without you.” Days spent in his dad’s science lab meant he hasn’t got to say that but maybe he will one day…


Requested by amysea93 she wanted: Female, Suiting to a writer’s career, style: Darker.

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Traits: Bookworm, Coward, No Sense of Humor, Photographer’s eye, Schmoozer.

CC: Skin//eyes//Eyebrows//eyelashes//Piercing//Jeans//Pattern on jeans//Top (Rusty Nail)//Undershirt (unknown)//Lipstick (s-Club Privee)

Sliders: Height slider especially she’s a shorty! Jonha//Delphy//Cmar//aWT//Ahmad//GnatGoSplat//Tum Tum//whiterider//S-Club Privee


Brought up on a farm, was never a good life for Joy she was always hanging around with the “weird” kids and getting high with the bad kids, she was always bored and wanted to see life outside of the farm. At the age of 18 Joy was sick of being cooped up in a community where everyone knew everyone’s business. She moved out and with a passion for stories in fact her whole life was story she became a writer. Life as a writer was hard having long blond hair, light blue eyes and wearing flowery dresses brought her flop after flop. But with her punk/goth image no-one on the writing scene was like her and her chilling murder novels were in the top 10 goodreads before she knew it!

Thom Burchett

Requested nervoussimblr by she wanted: Male,Pale, Caucasian, call him Thom, Bad-ass but still a softy, can his hair be Naturally black, but with coloured streaks, Tattoos :), Piercings if you think they’d suit.

Traits: Bookworm, Hopeless Romantic, Mean Spirited, Natural cook, Rebellious.

CC: Eyebags (Asian)//Ephemera (Light) (if you don’t have if message me)//Hair//Tattoo (1) (2) //Top//Lipstick//Eyebrows//Eyes//Lip ring 


Hope you like him ^ ^

Lucas ‘Texas’ Burns :)

Requested by Moarsims she wanted: Male, The only trait I’d definitely like him to have is star quality (I believe that’s the name?).  Lucas ‘Texas’ Burns, Sort of a cowboy look.

Traits: Star-Quality, Shy, Family-Oriented, Shy, Kleptomaniac, Natural Cook.

CC: Skin//Default eyes (Tifa eyes nr. 29)//Blush//Eyebrows//Tifa (Lip N34)//Beard//Hair//Eyebags//Top (Pets EP)//Bottoms//Tattoos

I kinda thought cowboy but a modern day one, but you can change him if you want! :D


Mark Romanov

Requested by Captor13 she/he wanted: Male, Name: Mark Romanov, Artsy Hipster, Dark brown with blonde highlights (the blonde highlights didn’t work sorry!)

Traits: Artistic, Snob, Rebellious, Neurotic, and Grumpy

CC: Default brows//Eyes//Lips//Top//Piercing//Earrings//Default skin


Darion McKinnon

Requested by Summersims she wanted a Male,Young adult, White skinned, Blonde hair and blue eyes and the rest was up to me!

Traits: Diva, Dramatic,Eccentric, Evil, Heavy Sleeper.

CC:Default skin//eyes//Eyebrows//Lip liner//Glasses//Top//Pores


Hope you like him!

Simsiverse’s editing tutorial…well not really a tutorial.

Wow 400 followers well this is a present for you guys, I love bull terriers and I like guys in bunny ears so I thought I’d share these two! Benjamin is a cat person who has a dog as a best friend, and Bella thinks she’s a cat.

Benjamin Ford:

skin default| eyes|eyebrows|glasses|Freckles|Top|Trousers|Shoes

DOWNLOAD(sim3pack .package)


DOWNLOAD (.package)

Thank you gomar6 now no blue screen. Oh and sunrise in Rhapsody

Thank you gomar6 now no blue screen. Oh and sunrise in Rhapsody